In a digital world we think print still has a place.

Hence our Archive Editions, a series of 208-page monsters printed on high-quality 170gsm uncoated paper wrapped in a 350gms cover. There are no adverts either, just high-quality writing and beautiful photography.

More of a book than a magazine, the Archive Editions don’t depend on software updates or a supply of electricity; in a post-apocalyptic world, only two things will survive: cockroaches and our Archive Editions.

At £25 a copy delivered within the United Kingdom, they aren’t cheap but then each copy weighs almost a kilogram, so you could use one to beat a marauding zombie to death – and you can’t put a price on your personal safety, can you?

Limited to just 500 copies of each edition, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Hand-numbered and signed, we will reserve the same number in subsequent print runs for you, ensuring every copy in your collection will match.

Available from our shop, please follow us on social media for updates on new editions:

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